April is the Month of the Military Child in the United States. This year we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Month of the Military Child. Every year in April, children in American military families are recognized for the unique challenges they face, and their contributions to the world on account of those challenges. Many people celebrate military-connected youth in their communities during the month of April, taking time to acknowledge these remarkable children as they serve our country as members of a military family.


Military children face change and instability more than the average child in America. During the Month of the Military Child, communities highlight the role played by military children within the armed services community and in the world at large. Sponsored by the Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy, the Month of the Military Child was established to recognize military children for their personal sacrifices and the challenges they overcome as a result of their parent(s) serving to protect the United States of America.


Military life impacts every member of the family, including the children. Military children learn to prioritize their individual needs after duty to our country, creating within themselves a sense of selfless service. With every relocation, military children sacrifice close relationships–not only with friends but also very often with family members, making them extremely adaptable. While their experiences make them resilient,  they also take a toll on them, especially as they know there is a possibility of losing a parent.   


Some ways to observe the Month of the Military Child and to show support and gratitude to military-connected youth for their strength and sacrifices include creating school and business website features that promote the Month of the Military Child and that provide links to sites that offer resources for military families. Schools and businesses might also consider highlighting the Month of the Military Child on marquees, banners, posters, etc. Another special way to celebrate the contributions of military children in the community is to invite people to share their stories, through visual arts displays, creative writing and musical compositions, speeches, etc. And if you want to show support for military children in a larger way, consider supporting military families by adopting a deployed service member or unit through the creation of care packages for deployed troops. These care packages can include notes, cards, and photos, and other requested items collected from the community. (For ideas of specific things you might send, contact a military family member, local military installation, or the Red Cross.)




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