English Tutor – Elementary through Early College – Grammar, Writing, Language Arts, Reading (phonemic awareness), Reading Comprehension, Composition I & II

English / Language Arts Tutoring Near Me

Reading & Comprehension Tutor:

  • With our applied English tutor reading techniques, you’ll see a huge improvement in reading comprehension, phonics, sight words, and vocabulary.
  • Students improve on average one full grade level with 30-40 sessions of tutoring—that’s only six months!
  • Sign up for a session today and get on track to see your child reading ahead of the rest of the class.

Grammar & English Tutor:

  • Our Grammar and English tutors not only provide the skills for studying advanced texts, but it also includes additional assistance with the mechanics of writing.
  • With their improved reading and writing skills, students will also be prepared for assignments in Social Studies, Science, and any other subject where reading comprehension and writing are important.
  • Watch your child explore the benefits of Language Arts with their new-found focus and attitude.

Writing & Composition Tutor:

  • Our writing tutoring is designed to prepare your child for advanced classes in Middle and High School, including Writing Composition and Language Arts.

  • We encompass everything from grammar to punctuation and give students the tools to write with confidence. Spelling and grammar count in the competitive environments that will face our students.

  • We provide the focus and tools to improve student’s writing skills today.