Private Math Tutoring Near Me – Elementary through Early College – Pre-Algebra, Algebra I &II, College Algebra, Geometry

Math Tutoring Austin

Our private math tutoring sessions are structured to increase your child’s computation and problem-solving skills while also preparing for immediate classroom challenges like daily assignments and upcoming tests. By giving your child a strong foundation of skills and a renewed confidence in math, Tots N Tutors can keep them from falling behind in the future and help them avoid the problems and upsets that falling behind can bring.

Pre Algebra Tutoring:

  • Pre-Algebra is usually the first math course in high school and a prerequisite for Algebra.
  • We will guide your child through integers, one-step equations, inequalities and equations, graphs and functions, percent, probabilities.

Algebra I & II Tutoring:

  • Tots N Tutors creates a safe space in which your child can learn new Algebra concepts at his or her own pace.

  • Our algebra tutoring creates opportunities for your child to understand concepts, to ask questions, and to receive positive reinforcement.

  • Ultimately, working with an expert tutor enables your child to gain not only mastery of algebra but also confidence, self-respect, and a sense of personal accomplishment as his or her grades improve.

College Algebra Tutoring:

  • Our algebra tutoring focuses on two key areas. First, we look to fill any gaps the student may have and assure a strong concept base on which to build.

  • Second, we work to help you learn and master each new concept that comes up each week.

  • The goal is to ensure that the student has mastered the concepts, and is prepared for crucial exams, quizzes, and homework.

Geometry Tutoring:

  • Geometry is an important subject to understand because it serves as a foundation for advanced math classes.

  • It teaches your child important formulas, such as the Pythagorean theorem, which is used in high school science and math classes.

  • This class is most helpful when taught in a visual way, especially for visual and hands-on learners.