Study Skills Classes Austin – Effective Study Skills For Elementary - Study Skills for Middle School through High School – Time Management, Organization, Test-taking, Note-taking

Study Skills Classes

For 18 years, Wilda Harper, owner of Tots N Tutors, LLC, has been helping students of all ages develop effective learning strategies. Our Study Skills Classes are structured to increase your child’s time management and note-taking skills while also preparing for immediate classroom challenges like daily assignments and upcoming tests. – Tots N Tutors’ Study Skills Classes provides the foundation of understanding needed for more specific events. Each child is unique and students learn about a variety of topics in our tutoring sessions. 

is your child challenged in one subject, or across several subjects?

  • If the answer is MORE THAN ONE subject, then the lesson lies deeper than just the content of a math test, and your student will need to learn skills and approaches around the PROCESS of learning.

Effective Learning Strategies:

  • The goal of a Study Skills Tutor is to help a student take charge of their OWN learning.

  • At Tots N Tutors, LLC, we believe in developing these four crucial skills before your child even starts studying for a test or leaves a mark on their homework:
      1. Time Management
      2. Organization
      3. Test-Taking
      4. Note-Taking

HOW TO IMPROVE Study Skills:

  • Tots N Tutors, LLC believes that approaching learning with the right attitude and disciplines benefits the student in ways that a study guide can’t.

  • If your child needs help with independent studying and learning, call us today and schedule a tutoring session in Time Management, Organization, Test-Taking, and Note-taking, among other skills.