Summer Learning Texas – The summer is an excellent opportunity to dedicate some time to keeping kids learning during the summer, so they are prepared to return to school ready to succeed. Students can participate in summer activities to engage in learning during the summer break. Their summer activities and experiences can help them maintain their knowledge and also address learning loss.

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Some of the best learning activities for summer are very easy to do. For instance, students can do things such as watch documentaries, apply skills in practical ways like cooking, practice academic skills in workbooks, and enjoy reading. In fact, studies have shown that it only takes a few hours per week of math and science skill review and application to prevent summer learning loss. And when it comes to literacy, reading books throughout the entire summer can help students maintain or possibly even boost their reading fluency and comprehension skills. There are also other things students can do during the summer to keep the summer slide at bay, including enrichment programs and summer camps. And don’t forget tutoring sessions.


Educational research has shown that some of the academic progress students make during a school year is lost during the following summer. This learning loss, often referred to as the summer slide, is a regression: some students seem as though they forget some of what they’ve learned and go backwards academically which can make starting the next school year a challenge. Students can combat the summer slide by participating in tutoring before returning to school for the next academic year.


For more information about summer learning activities and events, visit the official National Summer Learning Association website.


Summer tutoring can help students dealing with learning loss by solidifying foundational learning skills, filling gaps and catching up on their academics, and preparing them for new learning to come. The solidification of foundational learning skills during summer tutoring allows students to use fundamentals such as time management and organizational skills. And catching up in different academic areas helps students get on track so they don’t have to worry about starting the new school year from behind. Further, preparing for new learning is beneficial because it offers students the opportunity to explore in advance some of the academic material that will be presented during the next school year, allowing for a jump start towards academic success.

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