School Immunization Requirements Texas

The academic year is underway and students across the United States have started school. Because immunizations are meant to protect people from potentially deadly diseases, certain immunizations have been mandated by the US government for students from preschool through college; they must have up-to-date immunizations to attend classes. School districts and colleges require that students have updated immunization records on file at the start of every academic year. Read on to learn more about school immunization requirements.



Immunization is the process of administering vaccines to individuals in an effort to protect them against infections of preventable diseases such as chickenpox, flu, meningitis, and others. The use of vaccines has been endorsed by research scientists and medical professionals over the years; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were established by the US government to oversee the research, development, and use of vaccines for immunization purposes. The CDC and FDA work together to supervise and guide healthcare professionals who offer immunization programs to the public; further, these agencies aim to develop new vaccines as needed. The specific immunization requirements for schools are informed by the recommendations of the CDC and FDA across the US, but each state government regulates the requirements for their own public schools.



Immunizations help keep individual students healthy, as well as limiting the spread of infectious diseases throughout entire school populations. When students are vaccinated, protection is provided to them and others, including the unvaccinated, because it results in a decrease in the number of students who could pass the germs that cause disease. Immunization records submitted to schools confirm that students have received the vaccines that can protect against some diseases.


There are some cases in which people should not be immunized with certain vaccines. For instance, if an individual has a severe allergy to a certain vaccine or ingredient in that vaccine, they should receive an alternative or not be vaccinated at all. In cases like this, schools usually waive the requirement for immunization; the student is given an exemption due to possible negative health impacts. If a student in your family requires an immunization exemption, your family doctor and a representative from your school district can explain how to get one.



As students head back to school, it is vital to get all required immunizations. Make sure to check records and schedule appointments to get any missing vaccines, so no classes are missed. The CDC provides information about vaccines and suggested immunization schedules. Check the CDC website for more information about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

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Written by Erika Mehlhaff