Statistics On Tutoring Effectiveness. It’s certainly no secret that all parents naturally want what’s best for their children. In order to ensure that they’re actually getting the best, perhaps one of the best things that you can do is to make sure that they have full access to a quality education. What happens, however, when it’s discovered that they aren’t doing very well in school, thereby causing them to struggle in order to keep up with their schoolwork?

It’s important to note that when it comes to education, each and every student is different. They each require various types of approaches in terms of learning. Some children manage to make themselves more self-directed; however, there are others who may be struggling and may need a helping hand in order to be successful.

This is where tutoring comes into play. This is a process that will give students all of the personal attention and guidance that they require for their success in school. This is evident in the many different statistics regarding the overall effectiveness of tutoring itself.

A report released by the Pew Research Center revealed that the total number of students who have been receiving tutoring services over the past few years has greatly increased. This increase is said to be due more to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, a total of 1-in-5 upper-income parents were said to have hired a tutor to give their children help with distance learning.

Another interesting statistic regarding the effectiveness of tutoring comes from a study conducted by the San Bernardino Family College. This study shows that those students who receive personalized tutoring classes have experienced a 12% average increase in their standardized test scores. Additionally, these same students were also shown to have vastly outperformed students who are not being tutored across a total of 45 out of 52 academic subjects. Furthermore, the students who are tutored also surpassed their peers who are not tutored by an astonishing 90%. The study also revealed two additional statistics: 8-in-10 students who take advantage of tutoring end up getting much better grades, and those students who are being tutored are also more likely to achieve a higher grade point average, as well as graduate from college.

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