Academic Learning Loss Austin

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to students across the United States. Reduced instructional time stemming from school closures, modified online school schedules, and student absences due to illness or exposure to the novel coronavirus downgraded academic learning. Many families are looking for tutoring options to get their children back up to speed academically, after discovering how much their education has suffered during the pandemic.


In the state of Texas, officials have been tracking the progress of its students since many schools have returned to in-person learning, or at least more stabilized academic schedules. They reviewed the 2021 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test results to identify gaps in learning, at least in primary and middle school populations. Those results appear to indicate great losses in terms of measurable academic progress. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have undone the improvements made by Texas students; where they had been meeting grade requirements in reading and math, the data indicates that students who did most of their schooling remotely suffered major declines. (The STAAR test, which was optional in 2020 due to pandemic impacts, had about 87% of students participate as compared to 96% of students who participated in testing in 2019.)


In light of the findings from the STAAR tests and observations of students whose schools are now back in the swing of things for the most part, getting students back on track is a key goal of schools and parents. Some Texas school districts have instituted tutoring programs in the schools for students most in need. Also, many private professional tutoring companies offer services that will help students climb back to grade-level skills.


The demand for professional tutoring services has grown due to negative impacts on learning in the wake of the pandemic. Teachers and parents want students to make up for class time missed whenever schools close; they want academic gaps addressed so students can continue successfully on their academic journeys. Professional tutoring services can help. With tutoring, students can better manage their learning, whether they have returned to in-person learning, transitioned to remote learning, or chosen to participate in a hybrid schooling program. Professional tutors can work with students to reinforce what has been learned, and then build on it to extend that knowledge to stabilize each student’s academic skills.

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