Austin Schools Start Date

Every year as summer slides into memory, people start preparing for the fall. The shift begins as people get ready for school to start again. The school year calendar has traditionally lined up with the seasons, based on times past when more Americans were farmers; setting up the school year with the more agricultural society in mind was once key to educating children who were also required to help with planting and harvesting on family farms. This school year calendar remains, even now, though the number of farm families in the US has decreased as people have moved away from the rural way of life to a more urban lifestyle.


Whether you are a parent sending your child off to elementary school for the first time, a teacher getting ready for a classroom full of new students, or a college student moving out of the house and into the dorms to start your school year, there’s a lot to get done beforehand. In observance of this, August was dedicated as National Back to School Month in the 1960s. Back to School Month is when parents, teachers, and students make their final preparations for a new school year.


Preparing to return to school requires families to go shopping for school supplies and new clothes, schedule sports physicals and other medical checkups, and make plans based on the school calendar including time for homework as well as extracurricular activities. For teachers it involves creating lesson plans and getting classrooms organized for the new sets of students arriving on the first day of school. And school districts are finalizing policies and protocols for the year, from somewhat common issues such as choosing between block vs. traditional scheduling to newer issues like how to safely manage in-person education in the wake of a pandemic. But no matter what tasks and undertakings must be completed, everyone can look back at the fun and relaxing summer as the much-needed break ahead of a promising new academic year.


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Written by Erika Mehlhaff