Austin Partners in Education – Why should students spend time volunteering? Volunteering has many benefits for students. From making connections with people in the community to developing interpersonal skills, community service helps students lead more balanced lives.


The overarching benefit of volunteering participating in community service as a volunteer is being able to feel good about serving others. It provides the kind of perspective that will help students see things from other points of view, such that they will better appreciate other people and other situations they otherwise might never have experienced in any way. But there are other benefits as well.


One benefit of volunteering for students is being able to develop skills and habits that can help them become successful contributing members of society. The advantage of being able to practice leadership skills, including problem solving, time management, and communication skills can be the key to future success. Volunteering allows students to apply things they have learned in practical ways to real-world situations.


Another more tangible benefit of volunteering is the possibility of earning academic credit and/or scholarships. Sometimes high schools and colleges reward community service with academic credit by counting it as “applied learning.” And some schools reward students by awarding scholarships in appreciation and recognition of their positive impacts in service to others, as active members of their communities.


Volunteering also can help any student make valuable professional connections in his or her community. This is a great benefit of volunteering because students have the opportunity to meet different people and to work with a variety of businesses and organizations, while exploring real-world opportunities along different career paths. The benefit of being able to build networking skills in this way is an important step for students.


Austin partners in education There are also benefits of volunteering in terms of health. Because community service projects often encourage physical activity, volunteering is good for your mental and physical health. Health benefits of volunteering include things like a decrease in stress and anxiety, improved cardiovascular health, and lower blood pressure. Though there has not been a great deal of research on the possible long-term health impacts of volunteering, with the appearance of short-term benefits like these, volunteering could add years to your life!

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