Benefits Of One-On-One Tutoring: Whether a child struggles in school, needs an extra push or motivation to accomplish academic tasks, or desires a greater educational challenge, caring parents research resources to address the needs of their child. Parents often choose professional tutoring, learning that most children can benefit from tutoring programs with experienced and competent tutors. The benefits of working with a tutor can be seen in students regardless of their previous school experience—from academic performance to behavior, tutoring gives students more direct or individualized attention than they typically get in a classroom, so they can reach academic and personal goals with confidence. Read on to learn some of the benefits of one-on-one tutoring.

  • Tutoring can be customized according to the needs of your child to encourage intellectual independence.

Because every student has a different learning style as well as unique personal strengths and weaknesses, a customized tutoring program is key for helping your child to learn more effectively. Tutoring programs present and reinforce the skills a student needs when it comes to studying and learning independently—customized programs are focused and personalized to support your child. And with fewer students vying for attention, your child can receive direct, detailed feedback about his or her progress, which helps identify areas that need improvement as well as areas of strength.

  • A good tutoring program encourages the improvement of critical thinking skills and mastery of academic skills.

One-on-one or small group tutoring sessions such as those offered by Tots ‘N Tutors provide time to practice skills; this builds a solid foundation to undergird future learning. These sessions offer opportunities for more consistent practice that promotes greater confidence, a fuller understanding of different material, and continual growth in academic skills.

During tutoring sessions, a student is met where he or she is along their learning journey, and are encouraged or challenged in ways that are most appropriate for the individual; this does not occur in most classroom settings where a more general approach is used because there are so many students with varying learning styles and academic needs. Each session helps your child develop necessary skills and cultivate additional skills—both struggling and high-performing students grow in these ways, challenged to achieve whether they are overstimulated or under-stimulated in the regular classroom. 

Tutoring provides many benefits for students. Learn even more in the next installment of this two-part series. If your child wants to be more academically prepared and more confident in the classroom, Tots ‘N Tutors can help! Tots ‘N Tutors is a professional mobile tutoring company that offers support to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and college in all subject areas, as they build the skills they need to expand their minds and achieve their academic and personal goals. Meeting with students individually or in small groups, learning guides increase the ability of students to manage their learning. Contact Tots ‘N Tutors today to talk about the in-person and virtual means and methods available for helping your child grow.

Written by Erika Mehlhaff