There are many reasons parents choose professional tutoring for their children. Some parents feel they are not organized or prepared enough to help their children with schoolwork. Others know that their children are more responsive to someone with a more objective perspective. Most understand that the more individualized attention their children get from a tutor outside the classroom will afford their children more opportunities to achieve their fullest potential in the classroom. Aside from customized tutoring plans and personalized teaching available via student-centered tutoring programs, parents also recognize that their children gain greater critical thinking skills while mastering academic skills. They want their children to reap these benefits and more from working with a qualified and caring tutor. Here are other major benefits of private professional tutoring for students. 

  • Effective tutoring programs build effective study habits.

Students learn effective study skills while working with a tutor. They are directly assisted with current lessons and material while being shown study techniques that they can use throughout their educational careers to confidently approach their academics and life in general—whether they are preparing to take tests or organizing assignments. They receive a blueprint from their tutors for everything from breaking down assignments into manageable pieces to taking good notes to creating effective study guides, from being organized to managing time to prioritizing learning tasks. Students who work with tutors are better prepared to address topics presented in the classroom because they are armed with a robust arsenal of study skills that allow them to truly consider those concepts and ideas outside of the classroom. They can carry these skills from elementary school to middle school to high school to college, not only utilizing them to approach classwork and homework, but also to approach college entrance tests (like the ACT and SAT) and throughout their time in higher education.

  • Tutoring helps to improve social skills and overall self-confidence.

Tutoring can help your child build better relationships with others, both inside and outside of the classroom. It helps students develop their social skills because they engage with the tutor (and sometimes other students); they practice basics like listening and asking appropriate questions, as well as using interpersonal and intrapersonal skills like understanding thoughts and emotions and social cues. Tutoring helps students become more confident in themselves by building their social skills, but also by encouraging them to take risks that test their learning limits; risk-taking is important for children because it lets them face challenges and address their fears directly and learn to trust their instincts.

The tailored learning experience, flexible learning pace, and more direct attention provided by professional tutors all help students develop better study skills, increase their knowledge of core academic subjects, become critical thinkers, and ignite a passion for learning, while also positively impacting their levels of confidence. These competencies are the building blocks of success inside and outside the classroom. These things help children who struggle in school, as well as those who need to be challenged more.

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Written by Erika Mehlhaff