Every student can succeed. As you progress through grade school and into college, you are informed by educators; they present concepts and ideas from different academic subjects and teach you how to engage the material. What you’re usually not taught, though, is what it means to be a successful student and how to achieve it. You can prepare for success as a student by focusing on some specific habits that will support you through your academic journey. Read on to learn about five characteristics of successful students.

A successful student is organized.

Organization is one of the top strategies that a successful student uses. Making a plan and building a schedule is extremely important for managing your time. It will help when it comes to addressing all the academic tasks involved in modern education, from free reading to practicing math facts to reviewing for tests. Your schedule allows you to organize and manage your time so you can get work done, but also so you can pursue other interests and hobbies without your academics taking a hit. Learning how to get organized and manage your time as soon as possible will make a major difference in how and when you are successful.

A successful student eliminates distractions.

Managing your study space is key when it comes to maximizing your productivity. Finding a quiet spot away from distractions will help you hone your focus and channel your energy to get the greatest return on your investment of effort. Whether you prefer a study room at the public library or a desk in your bedroom, making sure you remove distractions (e.g., turning off your cell phone or keeping the TV off) while studying can help you be more successful.

A successful student studies effectively.

Good study skills are essential to a successful student. Taking an hour or two each week to study, beyond completing any homework assignments, is an effective strategy for making the most of your learning. Time spent doing this on your own or with a tutor will reinforce what you are learning (in general and ahead of tests, so you aren’t left ‘cramming’); it will also give you time to practice and cement your study skills.

A successful student participates in non-academic activities.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer activities at a young age is also an indicator of future success for students. Not only do these activities expand and diversify your personal interests, but they also help improve interpersonal skills, reinforce prioritization skills, build self-esteem and confidence, and provide an outlet for other aspects of your character. Such non-academic activities are educational in different ways!

A successful student makes time to rest.

No student can spend all their spare moments hitting the books or improving their college chances. Give yourself time to relax and to enjoy life outside of the classroom. And remember to sleep! Don’t underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s rest: your focus and memory will be better if you get enough quality sleep each night.

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Written by Erika Mehlhaff