Effects of parental involvement in education A progress report is not the same thing as a report card. While report cards are a final representation of the grades students earn for a class, progress reports allow teachers, students, and parents to track academic gains over the course of a year. The purpose of progress reports is to communicate the rate of growth according to set academic standards and to identify strengths in terms of retention and foundational skills (e.g., organization, study techniques, etc.), as well as areas where efforts towards improvement can be made.


A progress report benefits teachers, students, and parents by providing information about how a student is moving forward in their studies. Teachers can track how well their students are doing in class and learning the material and present that information on individual progress reports. By creating progress reports, teachers can regularly review student strengths and weaknesses, as well as their overall academic growth. They also can use them as a self-assessment tool, to determine if they need to readdress certain concepts with any given student(s) or even the entire class.


Progress reports can help teachers see whether they are guiding students to meet academic standards, but they are also helpful to students. They encourage students to be more actively engaged in their learning by increasing student awareness about how they are handling and/or retaining the information presented in class. They help students to identify areas where they need to make changes to understand the material better/more thoroughly; aside from increasing learning, this also allows students to better their scores before final grades are calculated for report cards.


Progress reports also encourage parent involvement. They show parents the areas where they can offer guidance and support, by giving teachers the opportunity to provide feedback that can help parents gain a deeper understanding of their children’s academic progress (and sometimes also their social and emotional knowledge via commentary on behavioral patterns and relationship skills). They provide an opportunity for parents to engage in a dialogue with their children about their academic goals and their education overall; this is helpful in guiding children to build a growth mindset that will serve them throughout their lives.

Effects of parental involvement in education Progress reports are a valuable tool for communication between teachers, students, and parents. They allow for all parties to work together to plan for educational success; they help support students as they solidify a foundation for their learning. Tutoring is also a great way to ensure students build a strong academic foundation. Tots ‘N Tutors is a professional tutoring company that offers support to students in pre-kindergarten through college. Tots ‘N Tutors offers structured tutoring sessions that are tailored to individual students, so they can face the challenge of learning and achieve success. Tots ‘N Tutors learning guides can meet with students individually or in small groups, in person or virtually, to help them with academic skills and other foundational education skills. Contact Tots ‘N Tutors today to discuss how your student will benefit from tutoring services.