Writing assignments are given to students at every level of education to assess learning, but also to provide practice of thinking and communication skills. Writing is an essential communication skill, critical for success in school and future careers; so, students need to acquire proficient writing skills as they progress in their academic journeys. But sometimes students find writing to be difficult. In these cases, they would benefit from additional support in developing their skills. Engaging the services of a tutor can help.

Helping a student grow as a writer is an investment in his or her future. Developing strong writing skills provides several benefits for every student, from improvement in language arts and literature classes AND other subject areas, support and preparation for standardized testing, greater focus and ability to address specific topics (i.e., in college entrance essays), increased ability to think critically, and the opportunity to become a better communicator in every aspect of life. A professional writing tutor can help students develop their writing skills to gain these benefits.

Professional writing tutors can help students improve their writing skills for any purpose, whether a student needs help with academic writing, creative writing, or even personal correspondence. Experienced tutors can guide students to understand fundamental grammar concepts, key writing rules (e.g., formatting of different types of writing), and proper sentence and paragraph structure. They also can recommend techniques for overcoming writer’s block, brainstorming ideas, and organizing thoughts on writing topics. Skilled tutors can help students develop confidence in their writing skills by serving as sounding boards for sharing ideas: they can read pieces and offer constructive feedback and ideas to encourage students as they practice and grow as writers. A one-on-one tutoring session can help your student learn at the pace appropriate to him or her, with a focus on addressing specific areas of concern, so that he or she eventually can confidently and naturally express in writing ideas and thoughts about any topic.

Whether a student’s goal is to improve academic grades, score well on a standardized test, or develop lasting communication skills, a writing tutor can help. Expression and communication are a needed skill that requires patience and practice; writing tutors can help keep students focused on these two important points as they work through high-order writing concerns like thesis, organization, and use of supporting details, and sentence-level issues like grammar, mechanics, and usage.

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Written by Erika Mehlhaff