Family Involvement in Education Austin

It is important for teachers and families to communicate about the students served in our schools. Creating connections between the classroom and students’ families is an investment in communication that can help students achieve success. This is especially important to remember now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to send out ripples into the school environment. 


Building a sense of community in a school takes work on both the part of teachers and the families of the students who attend. To achieve this, teachers might use strategies that are attuned to their students’ social and emotional needs, on top of strategies that focus on academics. The point is to encourage and sustain family engagement over the course of the school year.


One way to encourage family involvement in the classroom include making the classroom feel like home, to build a feeling of comfort and safety. When students feel comfortable in the classroom, from having things there like photos of family members or pets on display, it gives them a sense of familiarity. When students are given the opportunity to share experiences they have had in a welcoming, homey environment, they do so more willingly and draw in their family members through their eagerness and enthusiasm.


Sending newsletters, handwritten notes, or even emails to the families of students on a regular schedule is another excellent idea because it helps families feel included in the day-to-day activities and endeavors of the students. It helps them feel like the classroom is an extension of their own homes. Inviting families to communicate with teachers and school staff through these types of communication encourages families directly, letting them know that communication and involvement are valued and welcome.

Family involvement in education is vital for student success. It undergirds the life skills every student practices while they learn the academic skills they will need to carry on through their school journeys. While many students excel because of the connections made between school and home, some still would benefit from extra help with their academic learning. Engaging a caring and competent tutor like those at Tots ‘N Tutors can help. Tots ‘N Tutors is a professional mobile and virtual tutoring company that offers academic support to students in pre-kindergarten through high school and college. Tots ‘N Tutors offers structured tutoring sessions that are tailored to each individual student they serve, so that each one can face the challenges of learning, especially as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt. The supportive and knowledgeable learning guides of Tots ‘N Tutors will schedule sessions with students individually or in small groups, in person or virtually, to help with comprehension of academic information in all subject areas, while also helping students to develop other foundational skills like notetaking and time management. If your student is in need of educational support, don’t hesitate to contact Tots ‘N Tutors any time to discuss how the professional learning guides can help him or her achieve success.