First Tutoring Session – Professional private tutoring provides numerous benefits for students who want to do well in school, from early childhood through college. In order to have a successful tutoring experience, it is important to start on the right foot–getting the most out of the initial tutoring session is key.


First Tutoring Session Ideas

The first tutoring session is a time for the tutor to establish a personal rapport with the student, which is essential to building trust and understanding. Getting to know one another allows both parties to get a sense of one another as individuals, which will inform communication style and the way in which the tutor facilitates the session.


Also during the first tutoring session, the tutor will take time to review the student’s academic performance thus far, and identify strengths and weaknesses. He or she will assess the student’s skills and understanding of the specific material. The tutor will ask a lot of questions in order to build a customized tutoring plan that addresses the student’s needs.



Questions Tutors Ask Students

There are many questions tutors ask students when they first meet; they use these questions to help prepare for the upcoming tutoring sessions. Aside from general questions about the personal interests and future goals of each student, the tutor will ask other questions that highlight what the student already knows and doesn’t know about the subject/curricular material, provide a greater understanding of the student’s learning style, as well as show gaps in foundational learning skills (e.g., study, organizational, and time management skills). Some examples of the questions a tutor might ask during the first meeting include:

  • How do you handle academic stress?
  • What’s your preferred way to learn? Listening? Hands-on? Something else?
  • Is your goal to learn material that you struggled to master in the classroom, shore up what you have already learned, or to get ahead?
  • How do you study?
  • How long do you think it should take to accomplish your learning objectives?
  • How do you think tutoring can help you?
  • Etc.


There is a lot to accomplish and learn during the initial tutoring session. Whether the plan is for the student to participate in online tutoring or to attend in-person sessions, the first tutoring session is what sets up those that will follow, so they will be as beneficial to the student as possible. Professional private tutoring is beneficial and valuable to all students, particularly if all involved prepare well at the outset.

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