Closing Calendar Year Tutor – Students across the United States look forward to winter break every year. They eagerly anticipate being able to relax and set aside the stresses that come with being a student. But some students see winter break as a great time to shore up their academic learning. Many even participate in tutoring during winter break for academic success.

End of Year Games for Students

Foundational Principles And Key Considerations to Consider When Implementing a High Impact Tutoring Program

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) designed the High Impact Tutoring Toolkit to help districts think through key pieces of program design and make connections to other helpful resources. 

End of the Year Games

Tutors might like to include some fun end-of-the-year activities ahead of the break, similarly to classroom teachers. For instance, they might work in holiday movies or music, go on a field trip to a local museum or other educational location, or set up a hands-on science experiment as they close out the year. And if tutoring services are desired over the course of the winter break, they also might offer some version of a winter break camp, either in-person or online, individually or in small groups.


End-of-the-Year Tutoring Ideas

The closing of a calendar year is an opportunity for students to prepare for making the most of the upcoming semester of school. Tutors can help students make academic New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming semester. They can help students reset themselves for their return to school after winter break. Some skills to focus on include the following:

  1. Goalsetting
  2. Building organization and time management methods
  3. Developing study techniques such as notetaking


Winter break is a well-deserved vacation from school, but it’s also important for kids to keep their minds occupied during their time off! Winter break learning doesn’t have to be difficult. With this break from school being much shorter than summer break, it’s tempting to let your child just lay around. But your child can fight the boredom with a few daily activities while also keeping the mind fresh. When school resumes in a couple of weeks, your child will be both refreshed and ready to start the second half of the year off right!

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