New Year Classroom Activities – Winter break has come and gone. Students and teachers have returned to the classroom, ready to start the new year with renewed energy and enthusiasm. New year classroom activities likely include reestablishing expectations and reviewing previous foundational learning from the first semester–getting back into the routine of learning at school sets the tone for the remainder of the school year. Once the period of readjustment has occurred, it is important to plan for continued growth among students, which can be done through new year classroom games and activities.


One idea you might find when you head back to school after the winter break is a discussion about New Year’s resolutions. While resolutions are a common theme after celebrating the change from one year to the next, in school it can be more in tune with student progress using a growth mindset.


Returning to the classroom this January has provided an opportunity for making a fresh start. Make sure to take advantage of the reenergized students by helping them look to the future and plan for success. There are many ways to do this, including through goal-setting.

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Another way to acknowledge the new year in the classroom is to reflect on the progress made before the break and set goals for the days to come. For instance, some students might choose the goal of improving their grades; others might want to develop better communication skills among their peers. No matter what, everyone can share their hopes for the future, based on what they have learned so far.


In Texas, activities for elementary students through high school students in the new year have been underway since everyone headed back to school at the start of January. After the rest and relaxation over the break, if students are struggling with getting back in the swing of things, they might benefit from tutoring. Professional tutors can increase students’ motivation after the time off, and help them as they make efforts to reach new academic goals. They also can help students strengthen foundational skills that will contribute to success in the classroom.

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