Private SAT Tutoring. Students in high school constantly have so much on their plates when it comes to various issues such as social challenges, grades, and different extracurricular activities. Additionally, they also have to navigate through other issues such as selecting a career, testing, and filling out college applications Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for virtually every high school student is the SAT, or Scholastic Assessment, test due to the fact that the score they receive on this will play a major role in the college application process itself. 


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Here are three of the most important tips regarding SAT tutoring to consider making note of in order to ensure the most effective preparation.


*First and foremost, the tutor should establish a study plan for students that is more long-term in nature. Consider the target score for the SAT test that a student wishes to aim for. A tutor will typically suggest a minimum preparation time of 40 hours, which doesn’t include tutoring. When this is spread out over a period of 8 weeks, this will equate to only 5 hours per week of work. A student should also be assigned to take a total of three full-length practice SAT tests during weeks 2, 4, and 6 in order to track their overall growth. During the final week, a tutor will come up with a customized plan to build a student’s confidence and decrease their stress in order to get the most maximum score possible.


*Both identifying and addressing content weaknesses is another important tip to consider. One of the biggest reasons students seek the assistance of a tutor is due to the fact that they have various issues with understanding the content of the tests. The ability to explain all of the test material in a clear and concise fashion is an essential part of good tutoring; however, a tutor will always need to be aware of what a student’s thinking process is so that they can then explain the content in ways that make more sense to the student.


*It’s also important to review all practices during class. Even though all of the practice that your students are engaging in is important, it’s just as, if not more, important if this is supplemented by an in-class review. For instance, start every class by going over all assigned homework questions, sharing what the correct answers are, and explaining exactly why each answer is the right one. These are explanations that are absolutely vital, as this standardized test preparation not only will help students obtain the correct answer to problems, but it will also help them to understand how they can apply all underlying principles to similar questions as well.


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