Educational Vacation – July has arrived and summer is in full swing. Maybe you are still thinking about taking a summer vacation with your family. If you are doing last-minute research to make your summer plans and you’re looking for vacations that include fun things with an educational twist, look no further! Read on for some great ideas for a summer vacation that includes both fun and learning!

Summer is a perfect time to introduce learning into everyday activities. Some educational things can be planned for the entire family to enjoy together during summer vacation. Whether you and your family choose to take a road trip in an RV, plan to travel to a destination away, or uncover vacation options closer to home, there are tons of interesting and captivating options for young and old vacationers alike.

This summer, many families are opting for vacations that have an education element to them, with the understanding that a vacation can be an opportunity for the family to learn and experience teachable moments together. Parents are enlisting the help of their kids when it comes to making vacation plans, sometimes letting the children offer input about where they might go and what they might do when they arrive. Families are planning vacations that include a variety of adventures and opportunities—especially things they don’t get to do at home on a regular basis. And because learning can happen anywhere, an environment that is new to you and your family can be a great learning experience.

When families plan their summer vacations with educational features in mind, the result will be a time that is both a fun getaway and an engaging experience; these kinds of vacations can help to expand your whole family’s worldview and allow you to learn different things in different ways. Luckily, there are several options for educational family vacations that you can plan and turn this idea into a reality.

Your family might choose to have a “staycation” to explore your local area in greater depth, and possibly find hidden educational gems close to home. Checking out local spots like an art or science museum, community parks, or even a zoo or aquarium nearby that have tons of learning opportunities or visiting unique historical sites in or around where you live, will allow you the time to learn in an informal way and return home at the end of the day to recount the happenings of each day.

Some families choose to go on camping trips during summer vacation. Many times, campgrounds provide enrichment programs where participants get to learn about something new or different or take part in out-of-the-ordinary activities. If you choose to go camping with your family, consider visiting a national park. Visiting a national park (which often can be planned as a day trip or an overnight camping experience) is great because you might get to participate in programs that allow you to learn about wildlife, geology, the environment, and more. Also, you might be able to take part in activities like lake swimming, archery, hiking, or go on other outdoor adventures!

If your family doesn’t visit cities often, summer is an excellent time to do it! City visits allow families to plunge deep into a diverse culturally educational experience. Visit a city for a kind of overview of arts and culture that is accessible via libraries, museums, parks, and sports and entertainment venues that cities often provide. Check out the architecture, food, music, and industry of a city during your summer vacation, and marvel at how much your whole family learns!

Maybe you want to focus on the history of a place. What kind of vacation will lend itself to this pursuit? Try historic destinations and living history sites! These can give your family a way to participate in some fun hands-on learning about life before these modern times. Whether it’s exploring ruins of an old castle or fort, watching historical reenactments, or listening to guides as they explain how times were different than today as well as how they were similar, vacationing near historical sites is an easy way to make summer vacation fun and educational, too!

Those are just a few ideas for planning a summer vacation that would be both fun and educational for your family. But of course, not every activity or destination must be academically educational. Remember that sometimes the best learning occurs when people take time for reflecting on the world around them and just enjoying one another’s company. So, even if you decide to go on an educational vacation before this summer comes to an end, don’t forget to take some time just to relax and accept what the season has to offer by way of unstructured time and spontaneous fun. You and your family will all be refreshed and ready for whatever is coming when summer fades into fall.

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