Smarts In Summer Texas – School may almost be out for summer, but officials said that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t still be working on their reading and math skills over the break. The infamous summer slide is on the horizon for many students who will completely stop engaging the knowledge and skills they’ve learned over the school year; they will experience a decline in academic skills and abilities over the summer months while school is not in session.


Over the years, a great deal of educational research has been done that shows that some academic progress students make during each school year is lost during the summer when school is out and there is less time spent engaging what they learned in the classroom. Skills that have been learned need to be practiced to ensure ongoing proficiency when the next school year begins. One way to avoid the summer slide is via summer tutoring.


Benefits of summer tutoring include keeping students engaged so they can catch up in areas where they struggled during the school year, as well as prepare for new learning. It also helps students solidify foundational skills that contribute to their ability to support and sustain their academic efforts.


Many students struggle with different school subjects each year. They will need help getting caught up in the academic areas where they experienced the most difficulty. Tutoring during the summer months is beneficial to students who need assistance getting on track; it will help them start next year without having to come from behind.


Summer tutoring also helps prepare students for new learning. Summer tutoring helps combat learning loss due to the summer slide, offering students the opportunity to explore some of the concepts that will be presented during the upcoming school year. This not only gives them a jump on academics, but also encourages the use of previously acquired knowledge and skills. Again, practice is key when it comes to keeping the summer slide at bay.


Some students need to bolster and solidify foundational learning skills, and summer tutoring sessions offer them the chance to do so. They can practice fundamental learning skills like time management, notetaking, and grade-level-appropriate basic literacy and numeracy skills to strengthen their overall education. This is a benefit of summer tutoring that lasts into adulthood, outside of a student’s academic journey.

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