The goal of Texas special education programs is to support students throughout their educational journey so that academic weaknesses and life skill deficiencies are addressed to the point where the student no longer needs special assistance. As a child’s IEP is implemented during the daily school routine, he or she will learn with appropriate assistance or modifications that aid in success. Tracking a child’s progress is essential for showing progress. Some students will require long-term special education services, while others may only need them for a short time. Students exit their special education programs for different reasons and in different circumstances.



Eligible students receive special education services for as long as he or she requires them from age 3 to 21 years old. Before a student can exit special education services, the school must complete a reevaluation of the student’s progress. Students exit special education programs via one of three ways: dismissal, revocation, or graduation; special education accomodations/modifications no longer apply and no further access to services is allowed if any of these occur.



A student may be dismissed from a special education program if there is no longer a need for the services outlined in the student’s IEP, as determined by the child’s ARD/IEP team. The team will review the progress made by the student, based on observations and assessments in the record. After deciding that a student is no longer eligible for special education services, the school must give written notice of their findings to the parent/guardian and/or adult student before discontinuing services; this is to allow time for the family to appeal if they disagree with the team’s conclusions.



A parent/guardian and/or adult student can revoke consent for special education services as well. They may choose to cease participation in the special education program. If a request for revocation is made at any time after the school begins providing special education services to the student, the school must discontinue them for the student. Just as with a dismissal, the school must provide written notice before discontinuing services.



A student becomes ineligible for special education if he or she meets the requirements for graduation, resulting in an exit from the program. A student receiving special education services who is no older than 21 years of age on September 1 of a school year is eligible for services through the end of that school year, or until such time as he or she graduates with a regular high school diploma, whichever comes first.



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