by Erika Mehlhaff

Study skills are important for academic success. They can help you feel more confident and in control of your studies, promote academic discipline, and build organizational skills, to help you become a more effective and efficient student. Study skills positively impact your overall academic performance.


There are so many benefits of working with a study skills tutor. How did you learn how to tie your shoes? Someone likely showed you how to do it, coached you as you learned the skill, and then gave you room to practice until it became second nature. You can learn how to study in a similar way. For students seeking personalized guidance for developing good study habits, finding a study skills tutor can offer several advantages, including regular sessions, motivation, and accountability.

A tutor can assess your individual strengths and weaknesses to create customized plans that align with your specific needs and learning style. This tailored approach to teaching and reinforcing study skills is one major benefit of having a study skills tutor. Further, they can facilitate a close connection that fosters good student-tutor communication and allows for a deeper understanding of how to address your challenges. Your tutor can schedule regular sessions and provide regular check-ins, keeping you accountable and motivated throughout your academic journey. This level of support greatly enhances a student’s chances of success.


Study skills programs play a crucial role in equipping students like you with the necessary tools to excel academically. These programs provide a structured approach focused on developing essential study skills, including everything from time management to note-taking and test-taking skills to critical thinking exercises.

Effective time management techniques help students prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, and allocate sufficient time to different subjects. Note-taking strategies help students better understand how to take concise and meaningful notes to retain information more effectively and boost comprehension; while test-taking strategies offer effective review techniques, ways to manage test anxiety, and help for understanding how to approach different exam formats. As for critical thinking skills, study skills tutoring programs teach how to analyze information, synthesize ideas, and problem-solve more effectively.

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