Summer Learning Tips Austin – When it comes to the subject of children learning over the summer, the fact that they typically lose ground is something that has been documented well. In fact, according to Harris Cooper of Duke University back in 1996:

Overall, children experience an average summer learning loss across reading and mathematics of about one month.”

Thankfully, though, this is something that children don’t have to actually worry about losing during this specific time of year. Parents can encourage their children to enjoy both learning and fun during the summer months thanks to all kinds of easy activities.

Here are three of the best tips for summer learning to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the great tips for summer learning is to utilize math each and every day. For instance, take the time to practice multiplication tables with your child by making each single point in a game instead worth multiple points. You could also ask your child to help make change while you’re in the drive thru of your favorite fast food restaurant and even make up your own math word problems at home.

*Another of the great tips for summer learning is to engage in reading every day. Consider taking your child on a trip to the library and allow them to pick out which books they find to be appealing to them. From there, take turns reading to one another once you arrive back home, and you could even choose to reward your child with some kind of special treat provided they keep up with their reading.

*Summer Learning Tips Austin – One other great tip for summer learning is to partake in writing every week. Get your child to write a simple letter to a family member, such as a grandparent, or even encourage them to keep a journal of their own. Regardless of whatever the project may be, encouraging your child to write on a weekly basis will help to ensure that their skills related to this activity are as well maintained as possible.

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