Summer School Austin – Summer is coming, and along with it, the so-called summer slide. Educational research over the years has shown that some of the academic progress children make during the school year is lost during the summer months when school is not in session. This slide backward in learning can make starting the next school year a challenge for some students. Students can combat the summer slide by participating in tutoring before returning to school.

So, how can summer tutoring help students dealing with learning loss? It can keep the summer slide at bay, along with other advantages. Here is a list of three great benefits of summer tutoring.


  1. Play Catch-Up

Students often experience a summer slide; but this summer, students will likely lose more ground academically than in years past due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., shift to remote learning, inaccessibility of special services for some student populations, etc.). Many students will need help as they attempt to play catch-up in different academic areas, especially those who struggled even before the pandemic. Tutoring through the summer can help these students get back on track, so they don’t start next year from behind.


  1. Prepare for new learning

Though summer tutoring helps combat learning loss due to the summer slide, that’s not all it does. Tutoring also can help students to prepare for new learning. How? It offers students the opportunity to explore some of the concepts and academic material that will be presented during the next school year. Having exposure to these things in advance allows many students to get a jump start towards academic success, sometimes even in spite of any summer slide they have experienced.


  1. Solidify foundational skills

The third benefit of summer tutoring is the solidification of foundational learning skills. Summer tutoring allows students to practice using/applying academic concepts; but it also allows them to practice other fundamental learning skills (like notetaking, organization, listening, writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking) to strengthen their overall learning foundations. This helps many students to avoid struggles with acquiring new learning when they return to school for the new school year.


These three benefits of summer tutoring are just the beginning. There are so many other advantages for students from tutoring while school is not in session, as well as from concept-focused tutoring sessions and year-round tutoring. If you are considering securing the services of a professional tutor for summer tutoring sessions, the learning guides at Tots ‘N Tutors can assist you. Tots ‘N Tutors is a professional mobile and remote tutoring company based in Austin, Texas that offers support to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and college, in all academic subject areas. Additionally, the tutors at Tots ‘N Tutors help their students hone other fundamental learning skills (including study skills, organizational skills, and time management skills), so those students can learn more efficiently and effectively. Contact Tots ‘N Tutors today to talk about meeting individually or in small groups, in person or remotely, to combat the summer slide.


Written by Erika Mehlhaff