Tutoring Jobs in Austin – For many young people, a summer job is an important step toward greater independence. Working during the summer is an extension of learning that can help people build their non-technical/academic skills (also called “soft skills”); these include such things as communication, creative thinking and problem-solving, adaptability, composure/poise under pressure, and others. Securing a summer job allows students to demonstrate their work ethic and responsibility and grow in these areas through practice and reflection. A summer job helps teenagers and young adults develop these skills that are important and attractive to colleges and employers.

During the summer of 2021, however, the summer job market is different. After over a year of life with the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has changed for teens and young adults. Summer jobs seem to be more desirable now than ever to young people, many of whom were unable to work last summer due to pandemic restrictions that required people to stay home and otherwise practice social distancing. This summer, teens and young adults know they must consider safety and wellness in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as they search for employment. While the COVID-19 vaccine has been rolled out for emergency use, the impact of the coronavirus is still a concern for many. 

That said, this year is showing some promise when it comes to the summer job market for young people. Industries that traditionally hire teenagers, like the service/hospitality industry and retail businesses, are reopening and/or increasing their services this summer. And as more and more people are vaccinated against COVID-19, people are becoming more comfortable with having high-contact, in-person jobs.

As the economy reopens, people are getting back to work, including teens and young adults. There are traditional summer jobs available in hospitality, food service, and retail businesses in many places, as well as outdoor work with gardening and landscaping companies; and many pools and waterparks are opening and in need of lifeguards. There are also jobs available at summer camps. And nannying/babysitting is still a wide-open field, especially as many families still are keeping their children at home more ahead of a return to in-person schooling in the fall.

Even though there are some positions available, many summer jobs and internships are still limited. But while there are fewer in-person short-term and seasonal positions available in many industries this year than there were before the pandemic, many businesses have adapted to the situation and still are offering summer opportunities in a different way: remote job opportunities including part-time jobs and freelance work. From research gigs to social media marketing work, remote data entry jobs to transcription services, work is out there for young people willing to chase it down.

The benefits of having a summer job can be great for teens and young adults. Aside from earning money for fun and investment, they can learn new skills and refine old ones, gain greater confidence, and get some real-world experience before entering the workforce full-time as high school and college graduates.

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Written by Erika Mehlhaff