Group Tutoring Sessions Advantages – When it comes to tutoring, there are several benefits for students. People often focus on one-on-one tutoring for individual attention students do not get in a classroom full of other students. However, many students do, in fact, benefit from group tutoring sessions just as much as (and sometimes more than) one-on-one sessions. While tutoring sessions for a single individual certainly have benefits, group tutoring sessions, when used to their full potential, have their own advantages.

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All tutoring options can be beneficial to students, whether they are presented online or in person, individually or in small groups. Tutoring can help students who are struggling to learn academic material, motivate students who are not keeping up with their work, and provide a jumpstart for students who need greater challenges. And while tutoring can be used to address the needs of students at every level, from primary school through college, the format of tutoring sessions can be customized to each one. Professional tutors can help determine, for example, if a specific student will benefit from group tutoring sessions vs. individualized tutoring sessions.


There are many advantages of group tutoring for students. Sometimes, students benefit from group sessions more than other formats, especially as the reshaping of schooling methods continues and educators seize on the benefits of hybrid and remote learning approaches for many students. Group tutoring allows for differentiation and individualized instruction while still being collaborative. It can be a great way to boost engagement, which leads to a boost in academic performance. Group tutoring also can boost students’ self-esteem and overall attitude toward learning, as they get the personal feedback they need to feel confident and as they realize that there are others in similar educational circumstances. The benefits of group tutoring cannot be overstated.

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