High School Preparation Texas – Summer is here! Students look forward to having downtime with friends and taking vacations with family. But when students have to transition from middle school to high school, summer is a great time to get primed and ready for success. While it is exciting to progress from eighth to ninth grade, the high school experience will differ significantly in terms of academic expectations and the need for students to take greater personal responsibility for their learning. With all the changes that high school will bring, it is essential to be as prepared as possible before the first day. There are many things that rising ninth graders can do during the summer to prepare for high school.


One of the first things rising ninth-grade students should do is register for classes as early as possible. Making a tentative four-year plan as a comprehensive list of class possibilities for all of high school is a great first step towards being successful in high school. Students should consult the school catalog of classes, including compulsory ones; they should consider curricular requirements and personal interests. (Students also might want to contemplate and make a list of extracurricular activities of interest at this time.) This early planning will make it easier to choose classes that will fulfill graduation requirements and prepare students for life after high school.


Familiarizing themselves with the high school campus is another thing students should do to prepare for high school during the summer. If an opportunity to take a tour of the high school campus arises, students should take it; this sometimes occurs during an orientation scheduled and organized by the high school administration. Though students may not have their official class schedules until closer to the first day of school, knowing the basic layout of the school will be very helpful when it comes time to find their way to all of their classes at the start of the year.


High School Preparation Texas – Another thing that rising ninth graders should do during the summer months is brush up on academic subjects they will study in high school. Students will benefit from being able to recall what they learned in middle school and using it as a kind of scaffolding for what they are taught in the first week of school. They should take time during their summer break to review key concepts from middle school core subjects–retention of prior knowledge will get them started well. Summertime tutoring is an option that students can take advantage of for the most thorough preparation.

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