School is out and summer has arrived! Students across the country with a traditional school year schedule are undoubtedly excited about spending a few months outside the walls of their school buildings. That said, students could experience learning loss since they won’t be spending time in the classroom. They likely will experience a decline in academic skills and abilities over the summer months while school is not in session. How can this be avoided? In between pool time and popsicle breaks, students should take part in summer tutoring programs to keep on top of things during the summer vacation to avoid the infamous summer slide.


Summer learning programs help mitigate learning loss, close academic achievement gaps, and better prepare students for upcoming school years. Many studies and educational research has been done that show learning loss during the summer when the school year comes to a close; it results from not spending as much time practicing skills and engaging with what they learned in the classroom. One way to avoid the summer slide of learning loss is via summer tutoring.



The benefits of summer tutoring are many. One of the most important ways in which tutoring during the school break can help students is by keeping them engaged. Many students struggle with different school subjects each year. Summer tutoring can help them to catch up in academic areas where they struggled and experienced the most difficulty, so they can start the next school year on track, without having to come from behind.


Summer tutoring also helps prepare students for new learning when they return to the classroom in the fall. Summer tutoring helps combat learning loss by offering students the opportunity to explore some of the concepts that will be presented during the upcoming school year, giving them a jump on academics and encouraging the use/practice of academic knowledge and skills they acquired in previous years.


Another benefit of summer tutoring is that it helps students solidify other non-academic, foundational skills that support their academic efforts. Students often need to practice fundamental learning skills like time management, notetaking, and grade-level-appropriate basic literacy and numeracy skills; and summer tutoring sessions provide opportunities for them to do so. Students who need to bolster and solidify foundational learning skills can benefit greatly from summer tutoring.



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